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Science Lessons and Investigations, Grade 3

Product Number: EMC4313
How it works:Science Lessons and Investigations includes 12 units, each of which follows the 5E model: Engage, Explore, Expla...



How it works:

Science Lessons and Investigations includes 12 units, each of which follows the 5E model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Evaluate, and Extend. This gives students a hands-on opportunity to delve into each scientific topic and apply their understanding in a creative way. This teacher’s edition includes an answer key for vocabulary and comprehension activities, making it ideal for the classroom and homeschooling.

Core subject areas and topics include:

Life Science

  • Plant and Animal Life Cycles
  • Nature and Nurture
  • Adaptations
  • Organisms in a Changing Environment
  • Group and Social Behavior
  • Fossils of Ancestors

Earth Science

  • Weather
  • Climate
  • Natural Processes and Hazards

Physical Science

  • Changes in Movement
  • Predicting Motion from Patterns
  • Magnetic Forces

Features and benefits:

This print teaching resource gives you everything you need, including:

  • Concept engagement activity that sparks students’ interest and engages prior knowledge by introducing each topic with questions and discussion. (Engage)
  • Exploration activity that helps students explore the concept through hands-on investigation. (Explore)
  • Reading selections, real-life visuals, and vocabulary review to help students develop understanding. (Explain)
  • Comprehension activities incorporating higher-order thinking to help students show and apply what they have learned. (Evaluate)
  • Writing prompts and hands-on activities* to help students apply and extend their understanding. (Extend)

*Hands-on science investigation that may include science experiments, STEM challenges, observations, art projects, and other creative cross-curricular activities.

Make science one of the most popular subjects in your classroom with the Grade 3 teacher’s edition of Science Lessons and Investigations from Evan-Moor.


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